Episode 019 - Sony HDR-HC3 Camcorder

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Bill Marczak said:

Agree with Tiffany's score of 3/5 as I think that this HD cam is a product looking for a market and not the other way around.

One thing that was not mentioned was the resolution that it shoots at. Is it 720P? 1080i?

How about that link for the product in the show notes Ben? You are showing the webpage on the vodcast so I'm guessing you folks know the webpage address. ;-)

Interesting walk-around the studio/garage there. I would like to see a 'Behind-The-Scenes' type show one day. What cameras you use to shoot; what software you use to edit; etc. I just thought that walk-around was really interesting.

Don't know if I should be glad or sad that Tiffany wears pants on the set, but for the love of God get some real shoes, Ben. :-D


Mdean said:

Great show. I just found you guys a few days ago. I love the fact that you bang this show out everyday. I know that is alot of work. I agree with Bill that the walkaround threw the studio was very interesting.

Scott Pritchett said:

I,too, enjoyed the walk about, just one question, you appeared to be in an empty studio, yet when you sat down your main camera zoomed in on you, do you have a camera shy guy lurking in the shadows who pounces out when needed? Or what?

Ben Fredman said:

Thanks for all the kind words, guys...

We may do a 'behind the scenes' episode some day. Maybe for our 100th episode, God willing.. :-)...

We're working on the weblink to the product. Thanks for that suggestion...

We don't have a 'camera-guy'. We actually do all the zooms in 'post'...



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