Episode 075 - Samson Technologies

"The Technology Review with Two Points of View"

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fuller said:

Hi. This "review" (of the H-4) was very, very bad. Where were the "..two points of view"? The answer is that there were no points of view. It was just a Samson promo ad, with two retarded sidekicks, giggling and making small talk about something they didn't seem to know anything about. Very informative. Thank you neocrap.

unhappy said:

I agree with fuller. I need to know the real deal about stuff like this. Its great to see all the 'pro' goodies added with the good sampling rates, but I have a dicraphone that has all that and the sound sucks. Hows the sound? I say fire those two giggling schoolgirl white america know nothings and get some people who know how to ask the right questions without interrupting all the time and repeating eachother. Plus, I think we're all sick of star wars references....its been 30 years, we know!

You Suck Big Time said:

You guys and dim wit gal talk over each other too much! Poor production value from rich kids that know nothing!

Semi-Pro Crank said:

Oh my. Saw the link to this story so I watched. The device is fine at that price point but these hosts need to learn how to broadcast. First off you're both rude to the Sanson rep because you talk over him. First rule of radio or TV is don't talk over anybody - it's annoying to listen to, and you don't hear what is being said to follow up with something insightful. It's great that you're working at this IP TV project but just because you have the will and money to do it doesn't make it worth watching. You don't bring anything but noise to the table and therefore don't offer the product rep a good platform, nor do you ask the questions that the viewer might want asked. Do your research and learn to be professional if you want people to watch more than one of your segments.

Cranky said:

wow I watched it despite the comments and this suxed

dr!ft said:

Not a complete waste of time...learnt nothing about the H4 but loads on poor interview technique! That bird needs to know when to STFU!!!

Bob Dobbs said:

I want 9 minutes and 19 seconds of my life back. The Biff and Muffy interview team was horrible!

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