Episode 153 - Samsung Laser Printer, Logitech Alto

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Scott said:

Hi Ben,

It's been a quarter of a year since the last episode of Top5.As you weren't allowing comments on that site, I thought I'd ask here if you still intended on fighting the fight? Or is Neo-fight keeping you busy enough?

I did quite like the Top5 show, I do think there's room for another 'TWIT/TWIM' show like Top5.

I like this one too though, hi Tiff!!

You will be sorely missed R.I.P. Ben Freedman!!

Looking forward to Tiff's Top Tips. :)

BTW Is my Neo-Fight goodie still in the post? Slow boat? :) I can help with the postage if you're a little short.

Scott in the U.K.

Ben Freedman said:


Thanks for the kind words. Top5Tech is still a project I hope gets some legs. Unfortunately, not everyone in the project was as committed as I, and we had some trouble getting people to show up on time.

I agree, there is room for this sort of show, so I think we may try to revitalize it in coming weeks. It was a lot of fun for me and we received some great feedback...

Great to have you as a viewer! Thanks again...


Steve C. said:

I have a Samsung Laser Printer and it's great for the price. Only problem I've had is the rubber roller that feeds the paper wears out quickly. Samsung sells replacements but still they are a hassle to replace. On the plus side the toner cardridge has an opening to refill it easily without taking it apart and toner is available on ebay for only $5.00.

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