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Episode 232 - The Presidential Episode

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Steve C said:

Was that Sarah Palin and her moose? LOL
By the way, a french fry will operate an iPhone and it's a lot more appropriate for Joe Sixpack don'cha know.

Steve C said:

Was that Sarah Palin and her Moose? LOL
By the way, a French Fry will operate an iPhone and it's more appropriate for Joe Sixpack don'cha know.

Paul said:

Ben... um, you need to work on your McCain impersonation. He usually says, "my friends", not "friends". Tiffany, your Palin was very good.

Frank said:

Funny show.
You guys should do these parody shows more often !

Sam 89364 said:

That was hilarious guys!

Ben was OK, but Tiffany was really good. Both her look and acting were immediately recognizable as Palin. If anything, she was too much in character ;)


Richard Clark said:

I can't believe I missed this! You guys are too much, this is great work.

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Episode 231 - Samson C03U Podcast Kit, Connect-A-Desk

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Timo said:

Uh oh, what was that thing? Connect-A-Desk? I rather would say Laptop-To-Drop :D Seriously i would not ever consider carrying my laptop like that, 'cause there's allways somekind of surface for your laptop. Your lap, desks, cars etc. and finally - ground.

And for DIY guy/gal, what you need is:

Old broken backpack
Mom's old cutting board from kitchen
Nails + hammer

Then just hammer those backpack straps on each corner of the cutting board and voilá!

Hint: Bend those nails in U-shape (or if you got allready U-shaped nails its better). AND you can put few extra nails in the far side to stop your laptop FALLING from the cutting table.

ps. patent pending with sarcasm.

Stacy A. said:

Great Show! Nice background! Makeup and "do's" impeccable all around!

And interesting products! The Samson mic has a great price point (US$109) and cool that it has a USB plug for a studio-quality product!

The Connect-a-Desk has potential.... Yes! A retaining strap and better styling would be good for starters. Good points!

Plus, I have concerns that have me agreeing with you 3/5 ratings:
1. How comfortable is the harness around your neck and shoulders? ! Having something weighing down my shoulders and neck in a direction opposite of good posture?.... I don't know, .. and could the harness and desk edge do damage to delicate fabrics? I have this one BR silk top that is very delicate, would it shred inside the harness? ... and I have several light Nine West cardigans that I'm worried would pill-up under the straps.
2. How truly ergonomic is it? How comfortable is the edge where the the desk makes contact with your rib cage/stomach? Plus, It would seems that you have to strain to keep your chin down and gaze down to waist level to see the keyboard. Plus, for women like myself, with a bust-line that would partially obscure a downward view, is there a shelf extender to push the shelf out slightly?
3. Finally, the C-a-D may be perfect for warehouse inventory-taking, server-farm management, auto-accident investigation, or for hospital management, but for other settings, .... I don't know! While it may be perfect for these niche users, I would need convincing to use it out and about as a general laptop accessory. Maybe too much visible human-machine bonding for 2008! I may just wait for the nano-scale cortex-implant machines (by 2025?) that use your own vision for a heads-up display, like The Terminator, virtualizing the screen and keyboard!

And Timo has a point.... all you really need for a laptop is to sit somewhere and create a lap! Maybe the Connect-a-Desk folks should work on a portable instant lap-creating chair, something that would fit in a purse or wallet!

To sum up, great show, beautifully produced, thought-provoking product reviews, and looking forward to Episode 232!

bubbalue said:

Please review some more worthless stuff!

slomo said:

Great demo on that mic. Also this background looks a lot better than last week's.

ludo said:

About the connect-a-desk: I'd be totally ashamed to walk around with that on! It's horrible, the design is awful, it's a shame for the macbook I'd (or I wouldn't) put on! And don't you think you'd bump into people like non-stop? How could someone 'wear' this on an airport? A laptop isn't called a laptop because you need a big, clumsy table! You put it on your LAP! Now, I can hear you, "What if you have to walk around?". Well, if you have to walk around, you'll have to concentrate on where you are going, and where you have to get! If you want to send a very important email, use your (i)Phone! Totally dislike the idea of a laptop-table. 0 ouf of 5, if that was possible.
Like the show though. Don't get me wrong: I like your points of view, but I'm hoping for err... say, better products :-). Keep up!

Grant said:

The connect-a-desk is pretty raw in it's current form, but with some refinement it could be better accepted in the market. I used to work in hospitals, and there were some staff wheeling laptops around on trolleys like a mobile stand. The connect-a-desk would be ideal for this kind of application, providing it didn't harm your back or posture when used for extended periods.

Martin said:

The purple illuminations leaves a very unfavourable touch on both your skins and hairs.
I've been watching most episodes since you started up many years ago and you never looked worse.
Please stop using this!

Greg Wilcox said:

There are actually hundreds of very practical uses for the Connect-A-Desk. Did you know that the Connect-A-Desk is used while inspecting the space shuttle before take off and
after landing? It's also used by archaeologists in the field. It's used by warehouse supervisors, court recorders, call center supervisors, and too many others to list. Anyone that needs the ability to type with both hands while having the ability to stand and move around really benefits from the Connect-A-Desk. The newest version comes with a non-slip surface and when used properly works very well. Take a look at
the testimonials at Connect-A-Desk.com

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Episode 230 - Green Screen, Griffin iPhone 3G Stuff

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The new Reflectivemedia system is interesting.

However, I see a blue color cast in the shadow areas from the LED lights.

I assume that you could do some color correction to compensate for the blue cast in the shadows.


Steve C said:

The crazy blue light makes you guys look weird, then when it's off you are too orange. It looks pretty bad but maybe it would be good to use for Halloween.

Henry said:

I think that is a good idea, but a few problems.

1. It makes you guys look blue-ish (not that much, but still.)
2. I didn't like the background (I liked the screen.) It would have been better to use a different picture. Also, what do the led lights on the video camera do to it?
3. No offense, but that was the first episode in which you didn't mention.... well..... "inappropriate stuff.." lol

i watch ur show every week, and its quite good. you should see if you could get on tv!?!?!
you should have an episode which reviews the different mac computers, and which one to buy for which reason, pros, cons etc......

BBusyB said:

The add on battery packs are made by a lot of companies, but probably the most well know and easily available ones are made by APC under their Universal Notebook Battries series.


The advantage with this is that you can just plug them into your laptop, and have it power it and charge the battery as well. While it may not be as sleek as a notebook specific battery / slice it has the advantage that you can use it with other notebooks you might have or get in the future, as you can get tips for all the major PC brands.

Unfortunately, there is no tip for the Intel Macbook's and Macbook Pro's as Apple has not licensed the Magsafe connector.

Stacy A. said:

Love the new background technology, and I "get" the concept that you wanted something dark behind you so that there isn't any bleed-through and maximum contrast and minimal compression. But you should get something more interesting in the murky category, like something from this site:

Otherwise, *love* Tiffany's new "do" (That is such a nice style; you should plug the salon that created it!) and even Ben seems newly "coiffed" -- a concerted effort to knock down stray hair for the background?

And Tiffany's makeup, as usual is f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. One drawback of such nice HD is seeing so much detail, which Tiffany passes with flying colors! (Yaay, Tiffany!!) Ben should powder just slightly to knock down the slight oil that's showing up, and maybe a toward-yellow sheer foundation to knock down some of the reds that show up. (Getting down to the individual skin cells!). It may be time to go professional with makeup like Anderson Cooper or all the other "old media" news anchors.

Here's an idea for backgrounds, and a way to tie in with your luxury home site: put yourselves in one of those fabulous Scottsdale living rooms. That would be trippy!

To sum up, ... great show, and you're evolving so beautifully!!

Robert Bratu said:

Great show, but I wish you'd sometimes review Nokia phones or accesories too, always reviewing iPhone stuff, nice too.
You could review the new Nokia 5800, it has a touchscreen and it's similar to the iPhone, you could maybe put them together for a comparison.

By the way, the blue screen ideea it's nice, but I think you should use another background, maybe you could try some other ones for the next 4 episodes.

Thank You

iRiverMan said:

Great show, really enjoy it.
I know that Apple just came out with bunch of new notebook and more,
and it would be great if you guys can review some of those.

Minsu said:

Great "green screen"! - not actually green :)

I think it is great for viewers,
but aren't you tired of seeing that blue LED lights ON?
(It seems that blue lights are directly going to your eyes from camera.)

Anyway, new bigger video format is good,
and it will be great that put logo or something on the virtual screen.

Sorry for poor English,
I'm enjoying you show. Thanks.

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Tony said:

About the Fast Mac product. I have a Toshiba and they have created a second battery fix. The have an adaptor that you buy and slip the spare battery in that adaptor , then you remove your CD.DVD drive and insert the spare battery, so now you can use both batteries and charge both as well. Apple should be think about something like that.

Ken said:

I am not really into macs cause i don't have one. So i would not buy it. Even if i did have a mac, i would not buy it

i would love to go for mac caz it's more reliable and long lasting.

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