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Episode 236 - OWC Mercury Elite HD, Canon Pixma ip90 Printer

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Timo said:

Nice warning from that printer, never gonna buy it :)

But the more interesting part was the external HD. Again, it's from the Mac-camp. I don't know why everything in mac-world costs more than in pc-world and they work in sameway in BOTH worlds. So lets see:

+ nice outfit
+ sizes from 250gb to 1,5tb
+ all possible ports

- high price
- no idea which manufacturer made the HDD what's in the case

So kinda casual external HD. But with that price I wonder if they get those sold, unless they can stack them up in mac-stores. My final opinion, buy some other cheaper external HD, like western digital's.

ps. Tiffany, use some dim office tape over the light, that should do the trick. Or then the good old ducktape, if you wanna get rid of it completely ;) Just watch that you don't cover the ventilation holes 'cause it's bye bye warranty in that case.

Steve C said:

Ben, why do you still have the links for last weeks products underneath the ad for Zylight instead of the ones you showed this time?

Robert Bratu said:

What happen? I was expecting to see a new episode today.

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Episode 235 - Genius Touch 2.1 Speakers, Z-Attache Bag

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J said:

Tiffany is wearing the top from the ZY Light Ad

Steve C said:

I wouldn't use the gay looking bag but it's just right for Andy Walker with the eye makeup.

Liza said:


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Timo said:

Well, haven't seen that "gayish" bag for a long long time. Allthough it keeps me laughing when Ben with a mac who listens to Milli Vanilli goes "that bag is so gay!". Oh the stereotypes :)

But the bag looks seriously bad (let's drop the gay-thing). I googled it and the press pictures it had, didn't show that much padding that i would considered its usage in traffic hours in bus/metros etc. And it has ONE slot? Maybe some office people who carry legal documents would consider it as a inside joke, bling bling in the office.

I give it a ½/5. +½ if the price would been around 60 dollars.

By the way, there's winter coming up so do you guys got any winter collection coming up before christmas? Like a bag that you can take to the snowy mountains etc. where there are -25 celsius degrees + snow.

Kiaran said:

Gi'day Ben and Tiffany,

The Z-Attache is definitely not the best designed bag that I have seen. I agree with Ben, this is for females or those who have non traditional sexual preferences. While it may look stylish is has little functionality and no practical use as a computer bag. I can understand that this bag would appeal to females, but then so do stylish looking shoes that cost a weeks wages which hurt their feet.


jeffrey said:

will you be reviewing the new blackberry storm and bold

karl said:

Hi, i love your show.
Is there something new since episode 225, a do not receive them on tv tonic since this episode. Is there a new rss feed ? or is tv tonic the problem, have re-installed everything and still nothing.


Bob said:

Got the attache in Black, not 'gay' at all. Extremely light weight and is a bit more polished than the messsenger. Also major price slash found at

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Episode 234 - New Apple MacBooks

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Paul S. said:

3 things you guys missed:

NVIDIA: The new integrated graphics chipset is a huge improvement. 5x faster graphics.

LED screen vs the old LCD

easier to put in RAM and hard drive

ryan rimmer said:

hi im thinking of getting a mac book for £719.00 or a mac book pro for £1399.00. please could you tell me what one you think is worth the money. i normaly play games and do office work. i think to convert it to dollers just double the pounds.

please reply at

Kevin Jones said:

First, the macbook has an NVIDIA 9400 graphics card which is a major upgrade from the previous upgrade. Probably should have mentioned that. Also the new trackpad is very easy to use. The whole pad is clickable and a two finger click executes a right click (much easier than holding the control key).

I also wouldn't call the mid level macbook an "entry level" notebook. Compare the specs to a windows notebook.

Enjoy your podcast, but get your facts straight!!!


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Episode 233 - MacCase Cases, Balanzza Travel Scale

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Robert Bratu said:

One thing about Balanzza: can it show weight in kilograms too? :)
Great episode though, see ya next Monday!

Vic said:

Hello, couple of comments:

1) please please get rid of the green screen. I makes your video look awful. Bring back the black curtain so you do not look pale anymore.

2) Great gadget!!

captainboring said:


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