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Episode 240 - Xlink Cell Gateway, Callpod Chargepod

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Phil Keeler said:

I have several ordinary phones on the disconnected "landline wiring" in my RV and in my house. Xlink brings them all to life via iPhone. 'sWonderful.

Visitors can't believe they're hearing dial tone with no landline connections.

And yes, fax does work.

Thanks for your great show.

Steve C said:

In order to get a good connection so the XLink will work reliably you may need to install an outside antenna for the cell phone. I'm only a mile or less from all the cell towers but I still can't get a strong enough signal inside the house for the phone to work so I put a little cellular whip antenna on the roof. You can find them at most stores for only about $10-$15. The ones that look like a little whip antenna with a magnetic base are the most common but almost any kind will work. Then you need a pigtail cable with a connector on one end to match the cell phone and one on the other end to connect with the antenna. Those are available on ebay.
The antenna needs to be close to where you will be putting the phone though because you can't make the cable very long. The limit is around 30'-50' otherwise there will be so much loss in the cable that you won't get any signal at the phone.

Scott Pritchett said:

But you still have to give away your cell #.

I have Vonage on a similar 3 phone set up. The XLink may be expensive depending on who you call and your cell phone package.


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Episode 239 - M-Rock Camera Bag, iLuv iSP100 Speakers

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Robert Bratu said:

Those speakers would go well with an iPod or with a phone with poor quality speakers. Myself I wouldn't buy those because the speakers on my N95 8GB are more than ok for me.
Come to think about it, maybe you're right Ben, do people really want to carry around separate speakers for their mp3 players or phones? I've already seen recently in stores lots of these small portable speakers, but how often would someone really use them?

See ya next monday

Hi Ben & Tiff,

I really enjoy this episode about camera bag. I think you should do more reviews on camera bag, not just laptop bag. Or even better, a bag that can hold both camera and laptop. Coz I believe there are many many photography enthusiast out there watching the show. If I may suggest the brands; there are few nice camera/laptop bags on the market such as crumpler, kata-bags, lowepro, etc.

That's it from me for now, good luck with the show and enjoy the holiday.

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Steve C said:

You don't need an expensive amplified antenna to get good cellular reception. You can get a little magnetic antenna like that with a plug to fit the antenna jack on your phone and get good reception just about everywhere you go and they are cheap, only about $20 on ebay. For really long range get a directional Yagi and it will reach about half way to California.

Frank S said:

Your iTunes version of the file is hosed - it dies around the 5:10 mark and the file is only 42MB.

Frank S said:

Thanks, Ben - the new upload works fine.

John said:

Great show.

Will u guys do a review on this new product by WD ?

It's a media player that plays almost all video files stored in a portable hard drive.


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