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Episode 247 - Sylvania Motion LED, Actiontec MegaPlug AV

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Paul said:

I am sure you can plug in a 4 port switch if you need more ethernet ports.

What about security for Actiontec? Can my neighbor pick up my packets?

Pet peeve: Why do people say "price point", instead of "price"?

Stephen Tsai said:

I bought similar motion sensor LED lights at goldengadgets.com for only $5.99 each! Have one in each of our closets-great for picking out clothes in the dark when my wife is still sleeping.

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Episode 246 - Neat Receipts for Mac, Diaper Dekor Plus

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slomo said:

On the diaper dekor plus, how well does a single knot seal the bottom of the bag? I would imagine that liquids would be able to leak through and drip out the bottom of the bag in the can with only a knot holding it.

Muckbeast said:

The Diaper Genie crushes that diaper dekor. You don't get your fingers close to the cutting element, and it individually wraps and seals EACH diaper.

A kid could easily open that thing and cut their fingers off.

Muckbeast - Game Design and Online Worlds

storeowner said:

diaper genie crushes the diaper dekor? pfft! we had both, we used both, the genie was a royal pain in all areas. in addition to which, we had a baby/childrens store, the dekor outsold the genie by 10-to-1. the bags last longer, the bags are cheaper, odor control is better, opening and closing case is easier, can be utilized as trashcan when diapers are no longer needed. the genie doesn't even come close.

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Episode 245 - Flip Video Mino, Xootr Scooter

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Dylan F said:

I don't know if I would pay $270 for a scotter i mean who does marketing in their company far to pricey

Rob Schendel said:

Hi Ben and Tiffany!
I've owned the Flip Video Mino since last summer, and overall, have been pleased with it.
It does, however, have some serious shortcomings, for my taste.
First, the zoom. As Ben mentioned, it's a fail. Technically it does have three times, digital zoom, which is really useless. Try being part of the crowd, recording a Barack Obama campaign appearance. Totally unable to zoom in on the man's face, from any distance.
The other problem is the audio. It picks up fine, if you're three feet away, but the quality is a little lacking.
It would be so nice if it had an external mic jack.
Ben is wrong about the camera's ability to take individual snapshots - well, kind of. I have some very nice images that I have shot from the Flip Mino, but you save it from a frame you select, using the included software. The software works well, and because you select the frame you wish to preserve as a snapshot image, you never have the subject with closed eyes, or some other weird expression.
Back in October, I uploaded to You Tube, a video about this very subject. Please take a look at it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDgl6QBSS_4
Neo-Fight is seriously one of my favorite podcasts, and I hope that you keep up the good work.
Rob Schendel

(p.s. occasionally, one of your recommendations goes awry, like when I started to use Podcast Spot, because of your interview with Mack Male, only to have them quit the biz shortly after I started to use them. Now I don't have a podcast host. Would you let us know who you are using now? Thanks!)

beta420 said:

Guys you are my favorite technologic webshow by far! whenever i hear about something new you already have a webcast on it! im just letting you know that you rock!

beta420 said:

Guys you are my favorite technologic webshow by far! whenever i hear about something new you already have a webcast on it! im just letting you know that you rock!

ohh.. very cool just stumbled upon you site. What a great show!

Keep it coming!


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Episode 244 - CES 2009 Part Four

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Dylan F said:

i think your show is great i havent really got round to leaving a comment because i have been so busy watching all of your other episodes again and again because i love the show so much and im also studying so I cant really leave comments on sites because im sooooooo busy anyway keep up the great work.

Ryan Rimmer said:

i am a fan of your show but i think you should know i have norton 360 and it has a red cross at the top of the internet explorer window i clicked on it and it said "Summary: this is a suspicious web page. it is recomended that you dont proceed."

you should find out what is suspicious and try to fix it.

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