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Episode 251 - New iPod Shuffle, Headphones

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Bob Mitchell said:

Great show, guys, as always!

Just curious, what mic are you both using for the show?

Steve C said:

The show says it's 18 minutes but suddenly stops playing after about 10 minute while talking about the earphones.
BTW, Radio Shack sells headphones with volume controls that would work on the iPod Shuffle.

slomo said:

FYI, I went to the Scosche website to check out the headphones you recommended, and they have some headphones for the new iPod Shuffle "Coming Soon"

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Episode 250 - All Aboard!

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Dylan Farnan said:

Another great show keep up the good work.

The one thing I can't go anywhere without is my Apple ipod touch only 8GB but but all i have on it is apps and NEO-FIGHT episodes.

Dear Ben & Tiffany: How can I say THANKS to a great couple that make me expect every of your shows to drink every word that you say YOU ARE THE MOST INCREDIBLE COUPLE...Jesus! I don't know how to explain...i don't have....i don't find the proper words.....Listen Ben...your last name....really FREED ME AN OLD MAN shure....I'm a really old man, but I like so much your show, that I found the way to collect as many as I can, and TIFFANY you look so young that you give a refreshing touch that makes us.....the old people...feel so YOUNG.....WE REALLY LOVE BOTH OF YOU!....Please don't never are the greatest.......You don't even know how do we like your shows....Please, please, be always yourselves, don't never change....GOD! THANKS FOR GIVING US A COUPLE LIKE THEM! Shure, we are human...old but human.....

Eflyer Steve said:

I guess the thing I have to take with me on trips is my iPhone. Before I owned that, it was any flavor of smart phone that I owned at the time. Loaded with movies and music it keeps me entertained on the flight, keeps me up to date on e-mail, helps me navigate when I arrive. So many uses that I could almost leave my notebook at home.

And speaking of notebooks, I have started using a netbook. I take it many more places that I would normally leave my full sized notebook at home. I can throw it in a backpack and still have room for all me other things. Relatively inexpensive too so I'm not too worried about it getting scuffed.

I'd have to say that on any given trip, I carry about 75% gadgets, 25% clothes (by weight) :)

Steve C said:

I would travel with a smaller mic. That's the largest wireless mic I've ever seen! Where are you really taping this at, the space station?

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ryan rimmer said:

hi ben, i think you should show more geeky things on your show because they are getting a bit boring now, the thing that got me into was the original HP touch-smart PC review.

i seen the HP touch-smart PC review on youtube and seen the link on the video saying

also i live in england so it will cost a bomb to send one over in the post, but do you think you could get your hands on a
HTC MAX 4G Mobile phone, so you can do a review on one.

and if possible can you give me a shout on next weeks show! :-)

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Vanessa said:

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Episode 248 - The Return Of Jerry

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john lepnen said:

jerry is gay i want tiffany back !!!

he isent gay but i still prefare tiff.

normaly i watch every episode all the way through but i dident even watch 5 mins of this one!

Jason Querdrick said:

Where's Tiffany? Tiffany is the trademark! Without her it's a different show! :(

Mike said:

Hi Jerry.. welcome back to the camera.. I came to this page specially to see you in high resolution instead of utube :)
You are so good-looking and you could open your shirt as Ben does or take that off.. :D
Sorry Ben, you are so cute too but with Jerry there I cannot give any other attention.. thanks guys.
..greetings from Brazil

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