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Episode 255 - Roland Micro Cube, Edirol R-09HR

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Roland MicroCube Amplifier ( Black )
Edirol R-09HR High-Resolution WAVE/MP3 Recorder

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Chandler said:

Pretty cool little amp, it's pretty cool that these guys discuss products rather than just trying to sell it to you.
Casey is obviously an experienced musician and Ill take a musician's opinion over a sales guy at GC any day.

Vickie said:

Wow this is very cool. Very informative and entertaining at the same time.

Great licks Casey

D.T. said:

Good stuff! First time checking out this site, and I'm impressed. Really good rapport between the reviewer and the host, and the reviews themselves were really informative. That practice amp is killer!

I'll be checking back regularly!

Kay said:

Well, I don't play the guitar but if I did this would be an excellent device for practice. Also, the recorder sounds like something I'l like to have for recording lectures in college, good music, and many other instances come to mind.

Casey has such a great sense of humor. These two have a great chemistry.....

I'll be checking back often. Thanks.


Corinne said:

I am always scared to buy new product without "knowing".

Glad someone is doin' the homework.


pApApiLL said:

I enjoyed this. I want to hire Casey to play at my next virgin sacrifice ceremony, He would look cool with blood on his hands.=)

casey said:

Wow, that was creepy and in bad taste......ok, it's time to bring the I.Q. level back up.

Bill said:

Ya know, Roland isn't the first company I think of when I want to buy a practice amp, but I was really impressed with the features of this one...very cool.

I think I remember seeing one the last time I was in guitar center, I'm gonna have to go back and try one out now.

The rapport between Ben and Casey is pretty funny, kinda reminds me of the add couple

Bill said:

I meant the ODD couple...not the add couple, lol

Leonard said:

Gotta have the Micro Cube.

An honest, upbeat and informed review of both products. Reviewer covered all the bases including some of the cons. A solid hands-on debut! A+

I like the banter between the host and reviewer but the bedroom humor of the host seems out-of-place considering that the target market of the Roland Cube is younger buyers. Tone that down for the kiddies...

Girth Coquer said:

Cool hands on review of these products. I especially liked the R-09HR review. I have the earlier model R-09 and am looking to upgrade now!

sarah said:

Now this is how a review should be done! Its one thing to read a review, but to see and hear the products is so much better!

Ben and Casey really worked well together! The balance of humor and information was perfect. It held my attention and I even watched it a few times!

I was really impressed with the knowledge of the products from Casey. He really knew the products and explained their functions perfectly. Its obvious that hes an accomplished musician and its nice to hear honest reviews from someone in the industry.

I liked that Casey used the Micro Cube and describe the amp models and effects. It sounded great. And he brought up some benefits of the amp that I hadnt even thought of, very helpful for us consumers!

Im impressed that Casey took the Edirol out into the "real" world. It was nice to hear the quality of recording in an every day situation.

Casey is nice to look at, nice to listen to and I cant wait to see what he reviews next!

Steve C said:

What happened to today's show? Have you guys got the swine flu?

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Episode 254 - Rebit, STM Netbook Bag, Bad Audio

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Scott Pritchett said:

Haven't watch it yet, but will. Just wanted to note that Tiff's modem needs another valve turned on, your podcast (from iTunes) is always the one the keeps me from my beer :) I mean :( and to reply please type my Captcha "chisels young" to confirm you are who you say you are you are ooh arrghh

microsofttechappletech said:

Windows Vista has a great backup solution. I use it and it's extremely easy. The best thing it's built in. The backup and restore center. You plug you HD in, and it gives you options for what u want to back up, u just tick, and them u set when, and just leave it on. It'll back up and the next time you won't have to do anything! So Windows does have good back up built in. I noticed u were using XP. XP is not a very good OS. Anyways I recommend you buy an HP Mini ( not mini-note because it's older) or an aspire one.

Nathan said:

My wife uses the MSI Wind. She really likes it. I installed OS X Leo on it for her but you can just use the XP it comes with. I wouldn't recommend a Netbook with Vista because they use cheaper hardware to keep the cost and size down. I have heard that netbooks with Vista run really sluggish, even with 2 gigs of ram. I would go with XP or wait till Win 7 comes out. I have also heard that Apple might be working on something that we could see later this year.

Love the show.

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Stacy A. said:

Fo external drives, on my aging-yet-still-very-functional MacBook from 2006, I bought a SimpleTech 1 terabyte drive for US$115 from Office Depot. It has a USB2.0 connection that seems fast to me (2.3mB/sec). I use it with Time Machine, and for archiving large files.

Great show! Keep up the good work!!

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Episode 252 - Latte iVu Media Player, Scosche showTIME

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