Episode 254 - Rebit, STM Netbook Bag, Bad Audio


Scott Pritchett said:

Haven't watch it yet, but will. Just wanted to note that Tiff's modem needs another valve turned on, your podcast (from iTunes) is always the one the keeps me from my beer :) I mean :( and to reply please type my Captcha "chisels young" to confirm you are who you say you are you are ooh arrghh

microsofttechappletech said:

Windows Vista has a great backup solution. I use it and it's extremely easy. The best thing it's built in. The backup and restore center. You plug you HD in, and it gives you options for what u want to back up, u just tick, and them u set when, and just leave it on. It'll back up and the next time you won't have to do anything! So Windows does have good back up built in. I noticed u were using XP. XP is not a very good OS. Anyways I recommend you buy an HP Mini ( not mini-note because it's older) or an aspire one.

Nathan said:

My wife uses the MSI Wind. She really likes it. I installed OS X Leo on it for her but you can just use the XP it comes with. I wouldn't recommend a Netbook with Vista because they use cheaper hardware to keep the cost and size down. I have heard that netbooks with Vista run really sluggish, even with 2 gigs of ram. I would go with XP or wait till Win 7 comes out. I have also heard that Apple might be working on something that we could see later this year.

Love the show.

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