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Episode 265 - Sprint Palm Pre, Dyson DC16 Vacuum

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Steve C said:

Those chargers are way too expensive. You can find a charger for most devices at Goodwill for $2.99.
BTW, when I move the mouse over the link for either the Callpod Fueltank or the Griffin Powerblock a window pops up saying Buy It Now at Amazon which makes the video stop playing and resets it back to the start, then the whole thing has to be restarted and allowed to play again from the beginning to get back to where it was before. Very annoying!

Benjamin Freedman said:

That's odd. I get the same 'buy now' box, but it doesn't interfere with the video playing...



Cayce Crown said:

I think the Callpod is smart. I just got an new (3G) iPhone and the battery life is not great. When you are on the go, to be able to recharge without finding a wall outlet is terrific. Thanks to Andi its only $50(not $70!) at Amazon. As to her personal views, her pants are white. Interesting.
Glad to have found neo-fight.

Cal said:

i agree with Cayce the Callpod Fueltank is great. I don't think Andi really gets the point of this product that if there was NO outlets then you would use this product. Is she really going to use her stock charger on a plane? or at the beach? Plus I got mine for 50$ on bestbuy.com and it comes with one mini-USB adapter and one free adapter of my choice. two 10$ adapters for the 50$ price is great.

James said:

Gary has a temporary website up for the Laptop Sling:
If you are interested in actually buying the product, just let him know in the comments. Or, e-mail him at:

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Demens said:

Hi, just dropped by to say that when you were demonstrating the zooming video in exilim review, you only used the digital zoom and not the optical one.

You did not mention it, and i noticed it by the reduced quality at the max zoom. It was not so "out of focus". Also there were steps in the zooming, which happens often with digital zoom.

Michael said:

What happened to Tiffany? Andi's totally cute and all but where's the "other" chick? She just disappears and you make no mention of it? Weird.

Also, you need to stop the annoying pointing during the intro. It's super lame.

Michael said:

OK, nevermind. I see the old chick's comments in June noting that her old man put her out to work to make some more money. Bummer. Andi must be well heeled since she can afford to work for your meager wages.

Don't forgot - no pointing!! When you feel the urge to engage in that stupid gesticulation please jab yourself really hard in your sternum.

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Episode 262 - Blue Mikey and Icicle, Smart Bungee

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Bill T said:

I stumbled onto this show searching in YouTube for the Blue Mikey. I was impressed that the various sound sources were cut appropriately into the video. I'm not sure a lot of reviewers would actually bother to do the simple-yet-effective post production necessary to get this very useful comparison. Well done.

A correction for you: I have a Blue Mikey that I use with an iPhone 3G. Blue informed me via email that it is compatible with iPhone 3G & 3GS, whereupon I purchased one. It works just fine - you only need to dismiss the incompatibility warning that pops up on the phone then start using it. Blue's website doesn't indicate this compatibility yet, but the person who answered my query said the website will be changed to show iPhone compatibility.

David Oliver said:

Ok where is Tiffany ? Please don't tell me she is gone and was replaced by Andi Barness. If so we can only hope she is temporary.

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