Episode 263 - Casio Exilim EX-FH20, Genius G-Shot HD520


Demens said:

Hi, just dropped by to say that when you were demonstrating the zooming video in exilim review, you only used the digital zoom and not the optical one.

You did not mention it, and i noticed it by the reduced quality at the max zoom. It was not so "out of focus". Also there were steps in the zooming, which happens often with digital zoom.

Michael said:

What happened to Tiffany? Andi's totally cute and all but where's the "other" chick? She just disappears and you make no mention of it? Weird.

Also, you need to stop the annoying pointing during the intro. It's super lame.

Michael said:

OK, nevermind. I see the old chick's comments in June noting that her old man put her out to work to make some more money. Bummer. Andi must be well heeled since she can afford to work for your meager wages.

Don't forgot - no pointing!! When you feel the urge to engage in that stupid gesticulation please jab yourself really hard in your sternum.

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