Episode 268 - Hypermac External Battery, RadTech ClearCal


Roger said:

Has Tiffany moved on to other projects or will she be back?

Steve C said:

The video won't play from here. When I try to play it nothing happens, I had to go to youtube.com to play it.

Benjamin Freedman said:

Very strange. Can anyone else confirm?


Steve C said:

It's working again now except that it stops and starts a lot. Odd that it wouldn't play on Monday. If I roll the mouse over the link to the anti-glare film on Amazon the box that pops up still stops the video from playing and it has to start all over from the beginning though.
Ben, you must be playing this on a Mac which is why you never seem to see any of the problems we have trying to play this in Firefox on a PC.

Mikegyver said:

Truly the first to Charge your Macbook Pro, Macbook, and Macbook
Air in the car, truck, Airplane, & home using AC power, DC power,
Solar power, and External batteries!

Our external batteries are universal and our adapters are universal
meaning that you can plug almost ANY device in not just Macbooks.

Our Adapters can also charge the EXTERNAL battery from The CAR

We can be power from ANY source such as AC power and when you
are away, use PURE DC power, no Inverters!


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