Episode 178 – Norelco 8040X, BlueAnt Z9 Headset

Posted on 27. Aug, 2007 by in Episodes

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Philips Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System
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5 Responses to “Episode 178 – Norelco 8040X, BlueAnt Z9 Headset”

  1. Les Diefenbach

    27. Aug, 2007

    Check out this bluetooth noise cancelling hedset. It’s much bettter then the one you reviewed this week.

    Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Wireless Headset


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  2. Tom

    27. Aug, 2007

    Nice background! Its interesting without being to annoyingly busy and it makes your presentation look much more professional. (except when you are unshaven)

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  3. Jeff

    28. Aug, 2007

    The finest BT headset I’ve ever seen or used is the WEP410 from Samsung. It is extremely small, has a 30′ range, and has volume control on the device as well as hang up button. I don’t know for sure, but I would dare say that it might be smaller than the iPhone headset shown on this show.

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  4. Alan

    29. Aug, 2007

    Thanks for the z9 review, and for testing it with a noisemaking device. I’ve been wondering if I made the right choice buying a Jawbone (it hasn’t come in yet), but after seeing and hearing the performance of the z9, I think I’m going to be happier with the Jawbone, evenif it’s a little bigger.

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  5. David

    18. Feb, 2008

    You used the Z9 headset upside down. You had the dual microphones aiming up in the air. Perhaps try it again using your right ear and with the microphones aiming down.

    Also make sure it has the latest firmware updates. They made some huge improvements from it’s initial launch.

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