Episode 182 – iLive iHS1 iPod Speakers, Trey Chair

Posted on 24. Sep, 2007 by in Episodes

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ilive iHS1 Studio Series iPod Speaker Dock
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12 Responses to “Episode 182 – iLive iHS1 iPod Speakers, Trey Chair”

  1. Arizona Steve

    24. Sep, 2007

    The ipod speakers are now only $96.88 at Amazon! I’d buy one if I had an ipod.

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  2. David Barcus.

    26. Sep, 2007

    The technology show for the not so geeky.Tiffany this could have been true along time agobut your a techie now.just thought i’d let you know.

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  3. nimble2

    26. Sep, 2007

    So glad to see you got on “The Clip Show” and scored an 11 on the C.O.G.D.N. scale.Now that’s an honor.I’ve been a fan for about 8 months now.You guy’s are great. Keep up the excellent work!!

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  4. V.Brown

    29. Sep, 2007


    Just seen you on UStream.tv live from the Podcast Expo. Great show! Adding you to my subscribe list.

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  5. MJ Kirsten

    15. Oct, 2007

    Ipod dock works great, as well as the radio…cd player sucks and skips constantly though!!

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  6. JM Montero

    27. Oct, 2007

    MJ Kirsten I agree with you, we have the same problems with this equipment. The Ipod dock and the radio work well but the cd and dvd player, it sucks. I lost the receipt I can not exchange it.

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  7. Brenda

    26. Sep, 2008

    Ya i just recently purchased the ilive clock radio and it didn’t come with the AC adapter to plug it in. Not much good if you can’t plug it in, so I phoned the company and they would not send me the AC adapter. Really nice glad to see they care about their customers.

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  8. Erica

    06. Nov, 2008

    Worst purchase ever made. Sound quality was great when it worked the first week. I bought the alarm clock/ ipod player, and it shorted out within the first month I had it so that the time could not be seen. The remote worked once and died. And now it has not even been a year and the machine does not work on ac adapter or batteries. The iLive company would not fix it, I could not return it because I got it for Christmas last year. I would strongly recommend proceeding with caution on this one. I was very disappointed to have my dad spend almost $100 on something that does not work less then a year later and barely worked past a month.

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  9. anne

    25. Dec, 2008

    Yes. I am so p/o’d. I bought the same thing for my son for Christmas. It wouldn’t even turn on. This is so embarrasing as we only gave out one gift to each child this Christmas because money was so tight. The thing cost $99 at walmart and I even tried the one that was on the shelf before buying. That poor child has had a really lousy Christmas because his one and only gift doesn’t even WORK. Lesson learned. I wish I had read the reviews before buying this crappy product.

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  10. Pat

    26. Dec, 2008

    Received an iLive IB5 boombox yesterday. I liked the shape, looked convenient. Sound was tinny, but liveable. The remote barely worked. Other than the volume, the buttons on the box itself hardly work either–less than 5% of the time. Seems to be a common problem with other people. Most of the reviews I’ve read are poor. No quality control? I’m going to return this product as soon as I can and look for another brand.

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  11. Greg

    07. Jan, 2009

    I hoped i could connect it to my stereo, so that i can record myself but i guess i asked for tooo much to them. It doesn’t do more than enhance sound when connected to a stereo on the one i bought.

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  12. Mary Lake

    11. Jan, 2009

    I have a docking system Model #IC2807 Need directionsSend to: Mary Lake 10 Lazy Eight Dr Port Orange Fl Thnks Mary

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