Episode 185 – Airhead Wakeboards & Tubes

Posted on 15. Oct, 2007 by in Episodes

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Airhead Breakout Wakeboard with Vise Binding
Airhead Heart Attack Wakeboard with Vise Binding
Airhead Spectra Thermal 4-Section Wakeboard Rope - 70’
Airhead Blast 1-Rider Open Round Tube
Airhead Rip II Towable

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5 Responses to “Episode 185 – Airhead Wakeboards & Tubes”

  1. Paul

    15. Oct, 2007

    I really enjoyed this review. It was fun! Great editing as well.

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  2. Arizona Steve

    15. Oct, 2007

    Ben, You screaming like a girl while you were being towed! LOL

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  3. Robert

    16. Oct, 2007

    nice show!!

    How many horsepower was that pontoon boat? (I’m just wondering what it would take to get a 210lb fella up on a wakeboard.)

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  4. Ben Freedman

    16. Oct, 2007


    It’s just 135hp, and I’m closer to 230lb.

    I can get up behind lesser engines, it’s mostly a matter of hanging on until the boat gets up to speed. It’s not a very good boat for teaching someone who doesn’t already know how to wakeboard.

    Thanks for the kind words….


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  5. ulhpxgyzar

    13. Nov, 2020

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