Episode 186 – Stylish laptop bags for guys and gals

Posted on 22. Oct, 2007 by in Episodes

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15″ Macbook Pro Techshell – Clear Black
Men’s Oakley SI Computer Bag
Mobile Juice MacUrban Backpack
Skooba Satchel 2.0
Moshi Codex Sleeve
iSkin SOHO Sleeve
Belkin F8N043-GRN PocketTop Notebook PC Case – Green
Melissa Beth Pocket Full of ‘Puter

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2 Responses to “Episode 186 – Stylish laptop bags for guys and gals”

  1. Arizona Steve

    22. Oct, 2007

    I love your parody of the Apple ad!Have you seen the $160 iPhone clone from Deal Extreme?It looks better than the real iPhone and has a removablebattery and comes with 2 batteries but unfortunately itdoesn’t have wi-fi.www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5179

    BTW, that reCaptcha is getting out of control with codewords like “kidnapped Cowie’s”!!

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  2. RamzaMik

    02. Apr, 2008

    Im a bit disapoited with your sleeves review (your bag and messenger review are more complete). First of all, when buying a sleeve it is oftenly to give the machine an additional protection when inside another bag. There is my point, Ben started de ”girly” section of the show with sleeve from iskin and moshi. At this point, the review lost all its credibility, as Ben started to tell those product are more girly for stupid reason as ”look it is orange and black” or check it out when its open, the inside is orange…as the outside (wow collor match = girly). But the very thing that made the show irrevelent is that he still continues with personnal comments instead of reviewing important aspect of the product, such as ”how hard the sleeve is” omg! a sleeve review without talking about the actual hardnest of the product…what a lost of time! Mackbook pro user oftenly choose the product over its capacity to absorb shock and there is nothing about it in the review (shame on you!). Plus, her team mate make him realize he was out of the track with is ”girly” comments on the product so he finished the iskin review with the quote ” i cant imagine a guy going with the sleeve under the shoulder and blablabla…” totally a useless comment and it is not professional at all, superstition and sexist comment shouldn’t take place in show like this. Oh and by the way, iskin sleeve can come in charcoal (gray and black) way too much girly for you Ben, i suppose.

    The second sleeve review (from moshi) was the product that brought me to listen the episode. What a disapoitment ( i trully lost my time listening to it) Ben is not reviewing anything! That product is for a lot of person the most ”luxury” and fashion sleeve or product for macbook that you can find on the market. How can you automatically associate fashio/luxury to girly thing? WTF we are in 2008 right? Men cannot have style or fashion items? Go back to work, cauz your going on the wrong direction.

    There was several things i wanted to see beeing reviewed about the mochi sleeve and Ben did none of them.1ST: How good is the Viscotex insert thecnology? Damn this was one of the top thing to talk about, intead of laughting about the remote pouch (shame on Ben again!)2ND: Terahedron inner lining, this technology is suppose to keep your MB look clean and polish? why not reviewing this…instead of telling people that briefcase/handle sleeve are women things (omg Ben! take your next payckeck, go to NewYork and see if evry one with a briefcas on WallStreet is a women or gay-men or a ladyboy)3rd : How well the ”incase” use is? This sleeve is especially built so you can ue your MB inside the sleeve. Why not reviewing that? there is strap to maintained the laptop still and there are 4 rubbed-circle on the bottom so the MB is a little upped to give air-circulation to avoird over-heat. But again, this kind of stuff is much less important than giving sexist and useless comment about a product on stupid fact that is just annoying for Men that actually own one of the two first sleeve reviewed in the ”girly” section.

    Bad bad and bad episode, should have made a ”unisexual” category for the two sleeve.

    Oh and btw, Ben i also put my (blackberry, ipod and my nintendo ds) in a little pouch just like the one for the remote…and i nether tought it could be seemed as girly things or whatever….my girlfriend is also saying that youre totally missing the point.

    The rest of the review is ok, all the other product was way too much girly for a boy to like it.

    Will continue to listen to the show, but will totally avoid Ben comments or appreciation since i know he’s telling shit.

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