Episode 192 – Wacom Bamboo Tablets, Brando MP4 Watch

Posted on 03. Dec, 2007 by in Episodes

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Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet with Pen Only
Bamboo Fun (Medium) White Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software
Brando MP4 Watch II

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6 Responses to “Episode 192 – Wacom Bamboo Tablets, Brando MP4 Watch”

  1. BG

    03. Dec, 2007

    Just wanted to comment on the Tablets and the Text recognation.

    firstly on the initial comment ben made about being able to see what you are doing on the tablet, wacom does have a high end version with an integrated screen. but its very expensive.

    Also as for the handwriting recognation, Vista has it built in, so you just ave to switch it on, so tiffiney can use it without really having to use the keybord. Dont know about whats available on the Mac however. In XP You need the Tablet edition or some other 3rd party software.

    One major advantage you didn’t mention was that most of us were taught to use pens, etc since we were kids, so the tablet really fees a lot more natural, and the pressure sensitivity etc that wacom offers makee it a very natural experience.

    keep up with the good work

    BGNottingham, UK

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  2. Sam

    03. Dec, 2007

    I always like how neo-fight reviews products that you don’t often see on other shows / podcasts.

    I enjoyed the tablet segment. About the handwriting issue… I have a Wacom tablet and I use a tablet PC at work. The tablet PC is much more suitable for handwriting because writing on the screen itself is very close to writing on paper, but using a tablet is no practical at all.

    You should have also mentioned that the main advantage a tablet has over a mouse is pressure sensitivity. Meaning that when you use photoshop, you can change the size of the brush or the strength of the effect you are applying by simply changing how hard you press down on the stylus (tablet pen).

    Oh, and regarding that watch. I agree that it is a cool concept, but it should have lost some points on stile, don’t you think?

    Love the show!Sam

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  3. Vic

    08. Dec, 2007

    Hello, I’d wish you could add your podcast to the ZUNE podcast section like iTunes. The majority of the main video podcasts are there already and would love to have it auto download instead of having to download the WMV manually.


    p.s. Love the show.

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  4. Jude

    28. Dec, 2007

    I started watching your show after the appearance on Lab Rats 100th episode. You guys have good on-screen chemistry and I enjoy the content.

    I use Miro to download and watch. You may want to try this out on your last 3 shows. One only downloaded 35kb and the latest stopped before the show was over… just an FYI.

    Take care,


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  5. zblmw

    13. Sep, 2008






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