Episode 193 – Christmas Gift Guide

Posted on 10. Dec, 2007 by in Episodes

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Zibra ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Opener
Sumo Omni Lounge SumoLounge Bean Bag Chair Pillow
Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver
Genius HS-03U USB and vibration feedback gaming headset
zReturn Lost and Found System
Photojojo Mailable photo frames
Acme Made The Clyde Messenger – Small – Gray/Orange
Be.ez LEvertigo – Notebook carrying case – blue, silver
Marware Sportsuit Convertible Case for Apple iPhone, Black
Proporta Alu-Crystal iPhone case
OtterBox iPhone Case
iamhuman laptop covers
Podera USB Accessories

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10 Responses to “Episode 193 – Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Ludo

    10. Dec, 2007

    Hey guys!Great shows you make! Really, where do you get your gadgets from??? Is there a non-stop waterfall of inventors?PS: In the last episode (Christmas special) when Tiffany says: Tiger Woods Golf: watch Ben’s reaction! Like a perfect ‘oooh’! Briliant!

    Keep up making such good stuff!


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  2. Sean Phillips

    10. Dec, 2007

    Hey – that Genius vibration headset looks hot! Thanks for sharing – I’m gonna order a few for X-mas gifts! You guys are awesome … keep it up!


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  3. Mark

    10. Dec, 2007

    Ben is always so cute!!!!

    You could check the new HTC TYTN II too.

    Take care.

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  4. Mark

    10. Dec, 2007

    Ben is always so cute!!!!

    You could check the new smartphone HTC TYTN II.

    Take care.

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  5. Mark

    10. Dec, 2007

    Sorry for the double post.. my page didn’t update correctly ;)

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    14. Dec, 2007

    Do you guys ever review books? There is a hot one out called “A married mans guide to dating”????

    Keep up the good work!brian

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  7. Robert Nicholson

    29. Dec, 2007

    THe files don’t have to be that big do they? I mean are you sure you need the quality you’re using? 200 MEG for a podcast even video podcast is a tad large.

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  8. Ben Freedman

    29. Dec, 2007


    These have been our most popular files, what with bandwidth being cheap these days, however if you want different formats, you can visit our hosting provider here:


    They have around 10 different formats, all at different sizes, starting at around 25MB… (or less for the audio-only version)


    Ben———————————————————neo-fight.tv – {The Weekly Technology Podcast}

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  9. Amaia

    30. Dec, 2007

    Great show!I’m Spanish and I don’t understand very well English but, I try watching the show, ’cause I think Ben and Tiffany are very awesome!I hope that you understand this comment, although I don’t know if it will be well written.

    Best wishes,Amaia

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  10. u joints

    23. Apr, 2009

    thanks for sharing your post.

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