Episode 332 – Nokia N8 Cell Phone, Energizer Power Solutions

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  1. Stevec

    07. Feb, 2011

    If someone buys a Nokia phone how can they get service for it? I was going to get service from T-Mobile for my Blackberry but they seem to have cancelled all their affordable plans last December. Now all they have are plans with a 2 yr contract that are outrageously expensive. The $35 setup charge was also a deal breaker. AT&T doesn't have anything available either. It seems like the phone companies are only interested in selling new phones with a 2 yr contract and don't care about anyone else anymore.

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  2. Stevec

    09. Feb, 2011

    I did some research and found out that to get service from T-Mobile you can buy the voice only "T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Activation Kit" for $6.99 that comes with a whopping 10 minutes of airtime or get it for $36.99 with a $30 refill card good for 160 minutes. After that you can buy $10, $30 or $50 refill cards that are each good for 90 days or a $100 card for 1000 minutes that's good for a year. The $10 card is the worst buy only good for 30 min. but the $50 card is good for 400 minutes which comes to 12.5 cents a minute. Data costs $1.49 a day if you buy the "$1.49 Web DayPass: Unlimited 24-hour mobile web access for Pay As You Go" plan. You can't buy that on the web site or from your phone though since you don't have any data to get started so I contacted T-Mobile and they said "if you purchase a plan that does not include data when you activate the phone, you will either need access to another computer with internet access or call customer care at 611 and they will be able to set that up for you". If you don't need many minutes and just browse the web a lot the $1.49 Web DayPass doesn't seem like such a bad deal compared to their $50/month for 1Gb of data plan. Also they said that it can be purchased everyday of the month if you want to get unlimited data.

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  3. Philip_SBC

    13. Feb, 2011

    Great Review! Nokia has been the Mobile Giant the most part of the last decade. It was only until the introduction of the iPhone and the android phones that Nokia suffered a great decline to their sales.

    I, for one, have used a Nokia phone for a long time, and now comparing it to my iPhone, it is clearly missing out on some good features.

    I wish we have those Energizer Travel Kit for sale here in the Philippines, Will be really handy to have one.

    Also, I Hope you continue to update your podcasts since its much more convenient for me and my brother to wach your videos on our phones. Keep it up and again, Great review!

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