Episode 358 – JakToGo, Skooba Cable Stable Mini

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iTunes MP4 Version

JakToGo Jackets

Skooba Cable Stable Mini

3 Responses to “Episode 358 – JakToGo, Skooba Cable Stable Mini”

  1. Tim

    16. Jun, 2012

    Your show, as always, is great! Concerning the jacket, I suspect if you wore that jacket full of electronics, TSA would pull you into a room for a full body and cavity search. I say stick with the carry-on.

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  2. SteveC

    28. Jul, 2012

    Ben I just found your webcasts again. I didn’t know you were still around! Why is the video kind of dark and dingy though instead of bright and clear?

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  3. Neil

    06. Dec, 2016

    Saw your take on iPhone accessoriesn on AOL, and was so impressed, I decided to go to your web-site and become a regular viewer. However, was unable to view even one episode, as each YouTube episode was overlaid with the message: “This video contains content from NeoBen. It is not available in your country.

    What’s happening? How can I view your episodes?

    Unless my experience is a fluke, I’m guessing you are losing tons of new fans.


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