Episode 169 – Lots of MacBook Bags

Posted on 18. Jun, 2007 by in Episodes

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Brenthaven Fusion MB Black 15.4″ Laptop Messenger Bag
Speck MacBook 13″ See-Thru Hard Case – PARENT
Voltaic 1004-S Solar Messenger Bag – Silver
Notebook Sleeve for 13″ Apple MacBook – Sleevz from RadTech – Black
Laptop Shoulder Bag – NeoCase – 13″ MacBook – Black
Nylon Rip-Stop Backpack for Apple 13- to 17-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro Notebooks, Green/Tan/Black
Stm Bags LLC Small Alley Case for 13 inch Screens ( Olive )
Stm Bags 13-inch LLC Small Cargo Shoulder Bag ( Oatmeal )
InfoCase Endo and Alway-On Cases
Marware Sportfolio 13″ MacBook Case Black
PacSafe MetroSafe 300
Booq Mamba

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3 Responses to “Episode 169 – Lots of MacBook Bags”

  1. Doug

    18. Jun, 2007

    Can you guys blend a bit more the left and right channels? Right now, there is very discreet channeling. I like the left/right effect, but a little more blended. It’s just sounds better from earbuds when it’s more blended than discreet. It also helps when I drive my bike to work everyday as I only shove one earbud in my right ear so I can still hear around me on the road.

    Thanks for the awsome, 2nd Amendment supporting hosted, show!!!! Keep up the great work.

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  2. Scott Pritchett

    20. Jun, 2007

    I usually take your mp4 file, run it thru mediacoder to xvid/avi and play it on my Helios. Today I notice that Ben is almost inaudible, Tiff is loud and clear.

    Ben can you just turn your mike down a bit more then I won’t hear you at all. Just kidding, great show.

    I sometimes internally turn off when you show bags though, yawn.

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  3. Discopants

    19. Aug, 2007

    In thinking of other applications for the Voltaic, I would say sporting events. If you’re headed to a sporting event, like the kids’ soccer game, you can have this with you and keep the cell phone and camera charged and ready to go.

    I go to a few air shows and they are always sunny (or they cancel the show) and it would be great to have an extra camera battery charging during the show.

    I would also use it during a road trip. I could leave this in the backseat charging during the day and everything is ready to go at night. I know there are car chargers, but I always feel they are a drain on the car and the engine. It is probably less than $0.05 in gas, but it makes me think about it.

    Thanks for reviewing so many different bags. I’ll keep this tucked away for when my current bag

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